People, Technology, Education, and Trust

The use and reliance of generative AI, an exponential growth in data sources, and a plenitude of new data types. These are the challenges that we are facing today. We are flat out wrapping our heads around new technologies, testing defensibility and limits, and working out how we can apply them effectively in practice, and it keeps coming at an expedited rate. Working smarter and more efficiently is the call to action and we believe this comes from four key elements: people, technology, education, and trust.

We are juggling deadlines, matters, clients, (and that never ending pile of washing). How can we say on top of the game and assure our clients (and ourselves) that we are being the most efficient technologists we can be? How can we use new tech to manage the heightened datasphere, and more efficient ways to harness the information paroxysm?

Technology doesn’t stand still, and neither should we.  Mix it up; I dare you.

The first thing that comes to mind is our clients. What is success to them? What does success mean for us? We see this as a need to think outside the box, be nimble, and apply what we learn every day. We need to work smarter and not harder. There are four key factors we believe are integral: People, technology, education, and trust.

Identifying The Right People

People; the most important asset of all. The challenge is not the adoption of technology, rather, finding the right people to drive it to get the best results. This then goes hand in hand with different experiences. What if your core team came from different walks of life? To clarify, there obviously needs to be an underlying passion for this field as well as general and inherent technical ability. But how amazing would it be if we all brought something unique to the table? In our experience, bringing together people from different disciplines is key to outside-of-the-box thinking.

The technology landscape is changing at such a rapid pace and innovation is born from different ideas, experiences, and backgrounds, so how wonderful it would be to surround yourself with a forward thinking, and nimble team to stand beside? Point me in the direction of the disrupters who poke holes in the theory, and the revolutionaries who aren’t afraid to give it a go. Technology doesn’t stand still, and neither should we.  Mix it up; I dare you.

Ensuring You Have The Right Technology

We know that no one piece of tech does it all. As experts, we need to have coverage on a range of tools to get the client to where they need to be. And again, to reinforce, this is where exceptional people resources come into play. We need to be confident that we are up to date with tech trends. Our toolbox should cover smart, emerging, exciting technology, as well as our rockstar people to wield and harness it.

The Importance of Continuous Education

Perhaps we can think of ‘education’ as a method of continuous active learning on ourselves. Educating our clients and educating ourselves is equally important. On the client side, we need to be helping them to understand what data they have, where it has come from, what it says, and how to defensibly destroy what they are not required to keep. We also need to educate our clients in best practices, new and emerging technology, and help with reskilling their mindset. Ultimately, we should continue to learn, test, and experiment, but we also need to have clients who are willing to come along on the journey with us. Part of the client education piece is to also stay on top of the latest trends in technology.

Generative AI is abuzz which is very exciting, however there is also plenty of anxiety pooled around the fear of automation and replacement. The key to success is a combination of retraining, continual education, and the acceptance that we can’t continue to work the same way we used to. We should be educating our clients’ teams about the different technologies available, and to help walk them through the change process from old to new. If we can commit to this, and demonstrate being that safe pair of hands, trust will come.

In Our Experts We Trust

Be honest with your client. Work with them to dispel the trepidation surrounding automation, replacement, and uncertainty. Help them to to transition. Show them the what, the why, and the how as best you can. Our clients come to us for guidance, and we will provide this in the best way we can!

So, In The End...

People, technology, education and trust are essential to moving forward and navigating this iteration of the digital age. Thinking outside the box, being nimble, and applying what we learn every day to work smarter and not harder will aid us in managing this heightened datasphere.

Siera Data’s final thoughts are some of kindness. Try not to get bogged down in the process. Don’t throw your hands in the air when it all seems too hard. We are all still learning and whether you like it or not, we are all navigating this together. Colleagues, cohorts, industry influences, war stories, experiences, catastrophic failures, and momentous victories – these are constant sources of knowledge and support and that in itself, is something we are blessed with, and to really acknowledge.

Oh, and when you get through your current challenge, make sure you remember to celebrate your successes.

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