The demands of in-house counsel and risk officers dealing with regulatory compliance, internal investigations and external litigation continues to grow. Contrasting this growth in risk with the ongoing requirement to save costs means corporations need to deal with any potential risk event quickly and efficiently before complexity and cost grows.

The team at Siera Data have a long history in assisting corporations in determining the who, what, where, why, when and how of an investigation to minimise data size and complexity before external counsel becomes involved.

Our use of analytic and AI or machine learning tools early in a risk event means our teams quickly determine the relevant players, timelines, and issues. This reduces the likelihood of long, drawn-out investigations and the subsequently large data sets that can flow.

Siera Data’s team have helped clients in finance, manufacturing, construction, and energy all deal with risk events in an effective, efficient, and defensible manner.

  • Software as a Service
  • Information governance
  • Data processing
  • Analysis and data visualisation
  • Data mining and mapping
  • Predictive Coding and Artificial Intelligence
  • Responses to regulatory compliance
  • Smart document review
  • IRAP certified environment