Governments collect vast amounts of data from various sources (eg: census surveys, tax records, administrative systems, and individual devices and mailboxes), so it is crucial that the technology they use be forward facing, analytical, scalable, and secure.

Siera Data assists our clients in identifying patterns, trends, and correlations, to allocate resources efficiently, and to make informed decisions about matters, whether it be responding to regulatory compliance, Royal Commissions, or time sensitive investigations.

Having previously worked in and for local, state, and federal levels within the government sector, Siera Data’s team understands government requirements and recognises the importance of providing our clients with high levels of data security and confidentiality. Siera Data is established in Australia, and hosts client data on IRAP certified environments within Australia.

We offer complete transparency of our operations, project management methodology and pricing. We are an Australian company, an equal opportunity employer, and abide by Australian laws.

  • Security and compliance
  • Software as a Service
  • Information governance
  • Data processing
  • Analysis and data visualisation
  • Data mining and mapping
  • Predictive Coding and Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart document review
  • IRAP certified environment