Lawyers Weekly’s Legal Tech Guide 2024; Harnessing the power of technology within the legal workplace

Siera Data had the pleasure sitting down with Lawyers Weekly to talk about all things Tech Consulting in the Lawyers Weekly’s Legal Tech Guide 2024; Harnessing the power of technology within the legal workplace.

In an increasingly digital world, legal tech can help revolutionise workflows, enhance efficiency, and empower legal professionals to navigate complexities with ease. This guide will help you stay ahead of the curve, discover innovative solutions, and explore the diverse realms of technology within a variety of different facets of the law.

Lawyers Weekly leverages the knowledge and expertise of leading legal tech providers, consultants, and platforms to provide key insights across eight key areas of legal technology: Artificial Intelligence; Cash Flow Software; eDiscovery; PII Compliance, Practice Management Software; Tech Consulting with Siera Data; Timekeeping; and Workflow Management.

This guide aims to assist legal departments and law firms in harnessing the power of legal technology to improve their day-to-day and equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the digital age.

We are very excited to be part of this exclusive industry guide. For the non-technical lawyers and clients, the rapid changes in the market and with technology can be quite daunting. We were honoured to be asked to participate in this project, to work alongside Lawyers Weekly as well as with some of the industry's elite.

Download a copy of the Tech Consulting chapter or the complete copy of the Lawyers Weekly’s Legal Tech Guide 2024 today!

Chapter Summary

Chapter 1: Artificial Intelligence with LexisNexis. Artificial intelligence (AI) has made a global headlines this year and prompted waves of change within the legal profession.

Chapter 2: Cash Flow Software with FeeSynergy. In today’s digital legal landscape, cash flow software plays a pivotal role in driving efficiency in law firms.

Chapter 3: eDiscovery with Relativity. eDiscovery is the process of identifying, collecting, and producing electronically stored information (ESI).

Chapter 4: PII Compliance with Exigent, a Morae Company. It’s a challenge to keep up with the evolving and diverse legal landscape for personally identifiable information (PII) compliance and to implement
effective and consistent policies and practices.

Chapter 5: Practice Management Software with PracticeEvolve. Practice management software is growing in popularity among firms for its ability to drive efficiencies and assist in day-to-day tasks.

Chapter 6: Tech Consulting with Siera Data. In an increasingly digital world, law firms are having to become more technologically literate than ever, resulting in an increased need for tech consultancies and solutions.

Chapter 7: Timekeeping with Mitimes. Within an increasingly digitised legal profession, the adoption of automated timesheets and timekeeping systems is heralding a new era of efficiency and precision.

Chapter 8: Workflow Management with Thomson Reuters. In 2023, manual, menial and mundane tasks are beginning to be automated in every industry – the legal profession being no exception.

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