EDRM Webinar: GenAI for Smart People

An Introduction to LLMs for Smart Ediscovery Professionals

Join EDRM on April 18, 2024 for this exciting webinar discussing GenAI: An Intro to LLMs for Smart Ediscovery People. This webinar is dedicated to EDRM’s Asia-Pacific members starting at:

  • 11 AM GMT+8: Hong Kong, Singapore
  • 12 PM GMT+9: Seoul, Tokyo
  • 1 PM GMT+11: Sydney, Melbourne
  • 4 PM GMT+13: Auckland
  • 8 PM GMT-08: Los Angeles
  • 11 PM GMT-05: New York

Unmasking GenAI

A recent survey reported that nearly two-thirds of the 129 legal professionals contacted desired increased expertise about Generative AI before they would be willing to implement it in their workflows. At the same time, fully 58% of the surveyed professionals expressed concerns about data security and 30% said they worried about putting their company’s intellectual property at risk.

Notwithstanding their fears, at least half of the surveyed professionals said they were interested in using GenAI to review more documents and leverage existing work products for greater efficiency. Three in ten also expressed interest in implementing generative AI to manage contracts.

What is all this about?

Join us for a one-hour, information-packed webinar created expressly for smart legal professionals who want to learn more about the GenAI revolution and how Large Legal Models like GPT (the engine behind ChatGPT), Claude, Gemini (Bard) and others work. We’ll talk about how these models are trained, their strengths and limitations, security, hallucinations and how they can be used in a legal setting.

Participants will learn about security and IP protection in the context of using the Merlin platform to demonstrate what the natural language search interfaces look like, and how the different LLM’s and GPT’s applied to different problems can generate comprehensive output.

Dive into how these powerful tools can be used to analyze documents, prepare investigative reports and synthesize information in large document sets including medical records, hearing and deposition transcripts and even complex articles and reports. We will discuss how they can be effective for other legal uses as well.

Join our blue ribbon faculty including one of the leading Asia-Pacific data scientists (currently based in Taiwan), two data specialists, our moderator from Sydney, and the founder of one of the leading GenAI software technology companies based in the U.S.

This is a special EDRM presentation done on Asia-Pacific hours to honor the EDRM community across the Asia-Pacific region. Don’t miss it.


Beth Patterson (beth@espconnect.com.au)  is Founder & Director of ESPconnect and Adjunct Professor at UTS Faculty of Law. She is a recognised legal technology leader with extensive consulting experience developing innovation and legaltech strategies. A growing area of her practice is working with clients on the strategic implications of AI, especially in this new era of Generative AI. Prior to founding ESPconnect, Beth was Chief Legal and Technology Services Officer at Allens for 20 years, leading a large multidisciplinary team of legal and technology professionals.


David Bowie (dbowie@sieradata.com) is a seasoned executive at the helm of Siera Data, contributing a rich twenty-year history marked by numerous successful large-scale engagements, in both domestic and international arenas. His expertise includes establishing and growing prosperous businesses within the eDiscovery realm. David has worked in roles at mid and top-tier law firms and started the Australian office for a global advisory practice in 2007. By the close of 2018, he was a Senior Managing Director, transforming the Technology practice into a highly successful segment of the broader advisory business.

Samantha Bowie (sbowie@sieradata.com) is an admitted lawyer in NSW, Australia. As the co-founder of Siera Data, she is dedicated to Partner and Client Engagement. Sam has 15+ years experience at large law firms, Australia's largest corporate regulator, and a global advisory firm. Her international exposure includes eDiscovery projects in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, and China, as well as domestically where she guided corporate clients through compliance challenges, Royal Commissions, and major class actions. Sam’s expertise extends across diverse industries, including construction, energy, manufacturing, and finance. Bridging the gap between the legal and technology spheres, she leverages her insights to develop creative solutions, streamline workflows and improve results for her clients.

Dr. William Webber (wwebber@Merlin.Tech) is the Chief Data Scientist of Merlin Search Technologies. He completed his PhD in Measurement in Information Retrieval Evaluation at the University of Melbourne under Professors Alistair Moffat and Justin Zobel, and his post-doctoral research at the E-Discovery Lab of the University of  Maryland under Professor Doug Oard. With over 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications in the areas of information retrieval, statistical evaluation, and machine learning, he is a world expert in AI and statistical measurement for information retrieval and ediscovery. He has almost a decade of industry experience as a consulting data scientist to ediscovery software vendors, service providers, and law firms.

John Tredennick (JT@Merlin.Tech) is the CEO and founder of Merlin Search Technologies, a software company leveraging generative AI and cloud technologies to make investigation and discovery workflow faster, easier, and less expensive. Prior to founding Merlin, Tredennick had a distinguished career as a trial lawyer and litigation partner at a national law firm. With his expertise in legal technology, he founded Catalyst in 2000, an international ediscovery technology company that was acquired in 2019 by a large public company.  Tredennick regularly speaks and writes on legal technology and AI topics and has authored eight books and dozens of articles. He has also served as Chair of the ABA's Law Practice Management Section.

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GenAI: An Intro to LLMs for Smart Ediscovery People - an EDRM webinar not to be missed!

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Video Recording

If you missed our session on "GenAI: An Intro to LLMs for Smart Ediscovery People" you can watch a video recording of the session here. Enjoy and don't forget to contact us should you want to learn more about this exciting space.

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