Don’t Stop Believing; My Journey to Siera Data

I came to the conclusion that I wanted to do something more; to offer something more; and to be something more for myself. I needed a change and so I did something drastic. The last few months have really been a rollercoaster of love. Pondering my next move, I took a dive back to the 80s. Please don’t ask me how or why, because I am not quite sure. All I can say is that I was out on a run, and the idea was born. Here is my journey to Siera Data.

It was wild. The 80s wasn’t particularly known for its technological advancements, if you exclude Nintendo GameBoy and the rise of the Sony Walkman, but I was keen to take a leap. Overall, the 80s were pretty gnarly, however armed with my new zest for life, I sat back and let the epic rock ballads wash over me. It was totally tubular.  

should I stay or should I go?

I needed to break free so I could work on exactly who I’m supposed to be.  I want to help people (no joke), I want to make my own decisions, and I want to take my clients on this journey with me. We want to put clients first and to do it in our way. I kept searching for the answer and finally, I had made up my mind and decided I ain’t wasn’t wasting no more time so i decided to take my passion and make it happen. Oh, what a feeling.

So, here I am again (not quite) on my own. Going down the only road I’ve ever known.

the plan

It was gonna take money, a whole lotta spending money. It’s gonna take plenty of money, to do it right, and it would take time, a whole lot of precious time. It was gonna take patience and time, to do it right.

People that know me know that patience is not really one of my virtues, however, with the right partner, maybe I could learn? Look, if I’m honest, I probably will never learn, but I digress. What I did know, is that if we put our minds to it, we put in the work, and we were honest with our clients, we could really do it. There would be disbelievers but that’s just life. Let ‘em say we’re crazy, I don’t care about that. We were about to build this dream together. Nothing’s gonna stop us now and whatever it takes is what we were gonna do.

We got all fired up.

the Journey

Where to start? What are our clients’ pain points? How can we use the last two decades of our experiences, and take them a solid and tailored solution? We decided that our clients needed comfort. They needed a safe pair of hands and someone they could count on. We would understand them, and understand how best to help them. They needed to know why and how.

They need us.

Call me, we would say, Call me, on the line, Call me, call me, any time. Call me, I’ll arrive (via Teams). You can call me any day or night. And afterwards, when you’re ready we can share a wine.

In our world, tech has always had a presence, and it just keeps getting better and better. It should be questioned, tried and tested, wielded, it should make our clients’ lives easier, and not more complex. Trust, data security, knowledge, and communication are key, and in this world, everything counts in large amounts. Sometimes our clients won’t be prepared. That eleventh hour production, that time sensitive investigation. Sometimes, they will just need our help. Smart, effective, and efficient help. They might be at the point where they don’t care who goes to that kind of place. They are knee deep in hoopla, they are sinking in their fight. There are too many runways, eating up their night.

Get Dressed for Success

So, at Siera Data we get dressed for success. We're shaping up for the big time, baby! We get dressed for success and we are hungry like the wolf.

If you find yourself holding out for a(n eDiscovery) hero, then look no further! We have you covered. Don’t you remember, we will say to them; don’t you remember that we built this city on rock and roll the EDRM?

don't stop believing

I can see it now. We will be working 9 to 5(am). We will tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen. Pour [ourselves] a cup of ambition (in a Siera Data coffee mug, of course). What a way to make a living! eDiscovery; it’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it. But when we find the balance, and it might take time, but when we find the balance between serving our clients and serving ourselves, we could be islands in the stream. No one (third parties) in-between, how can we be wrong?

To our clients we will say, sail away with me to another world (where renumbering at production is a distant memory).  Sail away with me and we can rely on each other. Siera Data. We will be the pina to your colada. Uh-ha.

The 80s were good in so many ways; music, the mix tape, arcade games, and whilst there were some pretty great and defining moments, it was completely Jatz crackers. The saying is true, some things are better left behind. I agree, but you should only leave something behind knowing that you were safe in your decision making process. You should leave things behind knowing that the right amount is culled, and the portion you keep and rely on, is completely on the money. Don't stop believing.

To keep rocking in the free world let Siera Data guide you away from the past, to the world of today.

Who doesn't love a good journey? It’ll be totally rad, I swear!

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