AI or IA? Or both?

Everyone knows about AI. So let’s not bore ourselves with definitions or phrases like “the explosion of AI”.

But what is "IA"? IA stands for Intelligent Augmentation. For me IA is an intelligent human-centred use of AI and related technologies. And that relies on smart people.

Here at Siera Data we don’t use AI tools for content creation, rather we use it as part of a suite of tools or processes to improve data analysis on behalf of our clients.

An interesting paper from Opentext (June, 2021) proposed three comparisons of human v AI review: 

The outcomes were interesting with AI’s use in these reviews generally performing better than human effort alone. The important message, however, is the smart use of a human-centred Intelligent Automation approach which is really the secret to a successful investigation or review.

Finally, the paper noted the potential risk of portable AI models. So, make sure your AI partner takes the time and effort to ensure sensitive information is removed, and that data is obfuscated, encrypted and the models are password protected with strong passphrases.

Tools such as CAL, sampling and AI are only as good as how they are deployed, and who deploys them. And THAT is the secret IA sauce.

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