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Helping our clients solve their most challenging data, risk, and compliance problems.
Siera Data is your dedicated, independent and trusted electronic evidence partner.

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What We Do

Strategic Consulting

Working with our clients to solve their data challenges by offering specialist insight and advice by becoming their trusted advisor.

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Early Case Assessment

Analyse large datasets to gain valuable insights and extract key information fast.

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eDiscovery Services

Assisting clients to manage the collection, review, and production of data for litigation, investigation, and regulatory compliance

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Data Analysis

Deep dive into the story of your data to identify trends and patterns and cut out the white noise.

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Data Processing

Defensibly preparing your data for transition to a secure evidence management platform, ready for document review.

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Data Hosting

We ensure your confidential data is safely and securely housed in market leading cloud environments. IRAP and SOC II certified data stores ensure your data is subject to the very best security regimes.

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Cyber Breach Analysis

After a cyber breach Siera Data helps organisations identify what private information has been accessed, and to whom that informations relates.

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Utilising technology to interpret complex evidentiary data to maintain responsible environmental, social, governance (ESG) practices, and prevention compliance through analysis of data involved in alleged financial crime, bribery, fraud, and corruption.

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Our markets

Digital Transformation at the service of business processes.


Who We Are

Siera Data’s team have roots back to the beginning of eDiscovery in Australia and have collectively worked
at and supported Australia’s largest corporate regulator, some of Australia’s largest law firms, and global
advisory companies representing oil and gas, manufacturing, retail, construction, and financial industries.

Our team has experience working on US, EU, and APAC engagements, as well as domestic Australian engagements
with some of our most challenging commitments being supporting complex and multijurisdictional
investigations, Royal Commissions, and litigations.

We approach our engagements with a philosophy of using the right technology with the right people, to ensure
successful outcomes for our clients that are effective and efficient.

We partner with clients to assist them in managing timeframes, complexity, and cost challenges as it relates to litigation, investigations, and regulatory compliance. We leverage computational power as well as investing in the best people, to ensure the technology is used effectively and efficiently.
Communication is key and at Siera Data our trusted partner relationships are a core principle, where our clients are at the very heart of our operations.

Our Leadership Team

With decades of experience ranging from government, law firms and global advisory firms our leadership team brings dedication, experience and energy to Siera Data's clients.

David Bowie

Founder and Director

Samantha Bowie

Founder and Director

Joanne Chua-Robertson

Director - Investigations


Our Partners

The legal industry is abuzz about artificial intelligence - and for good reason. Thoughtful incorporation of AI capabilities into eDiscovery and investigation software creates review and analysis possibilities beyond anything available to us in the past. More than simply enabling time and cost efficiencies, it also allows a deeper and more thoughtful analysis of potential evidence.
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NSB Cyber
NSB Cyber is an Australian-founded and privately owned cyber company, with a mission to assist Australian businesses in building and maintaining their cyber resilience and defend themselves with confidence against the potential for cyber attacks by taking No Steps Backward.
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Nuix Discover (formally Ringtail) is an end-to-end evidence management platform that allows its users to ingest, search, analyse, review, and produce large volumes of data. Discover is scalable and has been tested against some of the world’s largest and most complex litigations and investigations.
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